Aon Ultra light & light tackle competition for 2011
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2011 Barra Comp
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The 2011 Savitec Mangrove Jack Comp has come & gone for 2011 and may I say what a difference three weeks can make between comps. Earlier in the month the Kokoda Tailoring Jacks to Open competition saw around 30 Mangrove Jacks either weighed in or released in one days fishing. The Savitec comp saw around 25 for two days worth of fishing.

But the Savitec comp as usual saw some of the larger jacks get weighed. Leanne Burrows caught a ripper at around 1.5kg on 6kg line which helped her take out 1st prize in the Ladies section. She also kept up the Burrows tradition of catching a catfish. Craig Burrows was most impressed & became quit emotional about it all. Rob Doyle had the largest Jack of the comp with a 1.6kg on 3kg line. He also had the pleasure of the weigh master watch him catch it!

BC (Bevan Clark) won the Best Other Catch with a nice sized Barra on 3kg. It wasn’t the biggest of the weekend as the other large ones were caught on much heavier line classes, but on 3kg line it’s a great catch.

“Ikandy” the recently renamed yellow boat got a placing with Angie Hicks coming in 2nd in the Ladies section. Well done Angie!

Champion Boat went to Pink Bits with a combined total of over 500 points followed closely by Peter Ruffy on Flaps. Pink Bits only used 10 litres of fuel as this was the limit imposed on it for the comp. (well maybe a little more was used. You could add another zero & it would be closer to the mark!!)

The Ultra Light section was once again hotly contested with Rob Doyle taking out the Savitec Jack Comp again (for the 4th year in a row!) with a personnel tally of 9 jacks. Brad Trevor fished on Pink Bits & came 3rd with 3 Jacks all on 3kg line. Peter Ruffy came in second with a few on 2kg line but ran out of time in the end. He did however catch a ripper Barra & was well pleased with the results.

The light class was won by Mark Hore making the competition a cool one as both divisions were won by fridgee’s. How cool is that! Mark just completed his holidays which he spent up the reach with his Brother & caught around 30 Barra in 5 or so days! I take my hat off to ya Mark, 7 straight days fishing would stop an ordinary bloke. You’re a legend. Robbo came second & couldn’t make it to the presentation due to a crook tooth. We all pass on our best wishes & hope he has a speedy recovery. (Most people at the club hope the pain isn’t too bad either.) 3rd place went to a life member of the NAFA club the one & only Patrick Trubert. On hearing his name called out he seemed very surprised as he didn’t really do a lot of fishing. Those who have fished with the lemon man know all too well what happens around him during a fishing trip.

Speaking of the NAFA it was also hotly contested with Mick Davis winning with a wonderful tale of frozen mud crabs coming to life after 24hrs at around minus 20 deg C. This theory was tested as one member had caught three Muddies during the day & already had them in the freezer for about 4 hours. The little buggers didn’t move much at all when removed & placed on a table for all to see. In the end we all put it down to stage fright as in the morning the owner of the crabs found one of them in the freezer having a smoke, the second one was having a beer & the third & final one was in the chest freezer playing a trumpet!.

1st place for the NAFA nearly went to Craig Burrows on his new boat Spel Check. Craig let it slip that he forgot to take his lure out of the water & was well & truly spooled after traveling 300 meters under power. A little snapping noise woke him up as the last knot gave way. He was probably still misty eyed about the cat fish the lovely Leanne brought on board & forgot clean about it.

Dave Chapman had an issue with a block of ice he dropped on his toe when packing the boat but was well & truly outdone by the above blokes. Dave did however win the SPAC (South Pacific Air Conditioning) esky for turning up for the presentation. This prize will continue to be supplied at sponsored presentation comps but rules apply. A member from every team registered for said comp must be in attendance at the presentation for it to go off.

A BIG thank you must go to the Lynn & Adrian Cheah for doing the cooking at the presentation. They are great club members & are always there to help both fishing clubs in Moresby. Once again many thanks Adrian & Lynn. Lucky Lynn was the winner of the Savitec door prize & scored a mighty copier that FOS put up. A well deserved prize.

And finally to FOS (Mr Andrew Thompson) for sponsoring the Savitec Mangrove Jack Competition again. It is a premium comp with great prizes & strong comradeship. I for one will be back next year & hope to see the 2012 Savitec comp break the 20 boat barrier.

Ultra Light
1st - Rob Doyle
2nd - Peter Ruffy
3rd - Brad Trevor

1st - Mark Hore
2nd - Stuart Robinson
3rd - Patrick Trubert

1st - Leanne Burrows
2nd - Angie Hicks

Champion Boat
1st Pink Bits
2nd PS Flaps

Best Other Fish = Bevan Clarke – Barra on 3kg

Lucky Door Prize = Lynn Cheah

SPAC Prize = Dave Chapman (the Ice Man)

NAFA = Mick Davis for his crabs (Mangrove Mick)

The next comp is the ESCO individual Points Comp on the 26th June. It’s all line classes & this is the comp to go hunting for the BIG fish. There’s plenty of Barra around at present & if the rivers clean up the black bass will also be on the bite.

See ya on the water
Captain Jack

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